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Professional Laois Auctioneers

When it comes to valuing and selling your home, you want to know that your auctioneer is someone you can trust to get you the best price on your property.


The team at Property Properly offers professional auctioneering services to Laois clients, hosting property auctions for buyers and sellers across the county. Whether you’re buying or selling property, our auctioneers aim to work closely with you to make the auctioneering process as smooth and hassle-free as possible.


Our auctioneering services are cost-effective and honest, with no hidden costs for you. We look after all aspects of selling your home including its listings, valuation, and auction to take the stress out of selling your property.

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Our Auctioneering Services

We have a range of comprehensive auctioneering services for commercial and residential clients who want to buy and sell property. We offer full valuation services on all homes before auctioning, providing honest, reliable, straight-forward, and transparent property valuation for clients to allow your property sale to go through smoothly and stress-free.

What Happens at a Property Auction?

A property auction is a popular way for individuals, banks, investors, and receivers to buy and sell property, offering properties that are sold to the highest bidder. Property and home auctions can be competitive but can also offer property at great, competitive prices. When a property auction is held by Property Properly auctioneers, we offer quality homes, land, and commercial property to a large variety of interested sellers and buyers. With no hidden costs for sellers or potential buyers, a property auction is a transparent, reliable, and relatively stress-free way of buying or selling your property.

Auctioneering FAQ

  • What does a property auctioneer do?

    A property auctioneer values, buys, and sells commercial and residential properties for clients. Property Properly offers a range of comprehensive auctioneering services for clients in Laois.

  • How do I sell my property at an auction?

    The easiest way to sell property at an auction is to hire the services of a property auctioneer. Property auctioneers like Property Properly will look after the entire selling process of your property in a professional, transparent, and reliable manner.