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Our Commercial Properties Include

Our Commercial Properties Include

Industrial Units
Petrol Stations
County Councils
Zoned Land
State/Semi-State Entities
Professional Firms

Commercial Properties For Sale And To Rent

Have you ever dreamed of opening up your own café or shop? Or perhaps you own a business already, but feel it’s time to expand? The team at Property Properly are experts when it comes to commercial properties, offering a range of commercial properties for sale and to rent at fantastic prices to suit all budgets.


Our team has a stellar reputation in helping clients to buy and sell their commercial properties, collaborating closely with our clients to ensure that your exact specifications are met when it comes to finding your dream commercial property. We can assist in the buying and selling of a range of commercial spaces including; shops, restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs, offices, petrol stations, industrial units, banks, county councils, professional firms, and more.


If you need a Laois estate agent that you can trust with your new commercial property, get in touch with us today.

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Commercial Properties For Sale and To Rent

Do I need a mortgage to buy a commercial property?

If you want to buy a commercial property, you can take out a commercial mortgage. Otherwise, you can rent a commercial property similar to how you would rent a residential home.

How do I buy a commercial property?

Buying a commercial property is similar to buying a residential property, and requires the help of an estate agent and auctioneer. If you’re planning on buying a commercial property, get in contact with Property Properly today.



Do you want to rent or buy a commercial property in Portaoise? Get in touch now

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