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Portlaoise is the fastest-growing town in Ireland.

The real estate market in Ireland has undergone dynamic changes over the years amid high demand and low supply. The buzzing nature of cities like Dublin and Galway has contributed to people moving from rural to urban areas. This movement leads to the urban areas growing at a rate higher than the supply levels. The end outcome is a decline in available housing units. To this end, areas like Portlaoise have propped up as vital real estate markets. The town is touted as the next viable area to develop units and improve the housing supply.

How fast is it growing?

The traditional country town and administrative center of Laois is growing at a fast rate compared to others in the nation. Midlands Ireland (2019) reports that its size has increased by at least ten percent in the past five years. The growth is attributed to the highly skilled workforce and proximity to numerous educational institutions. Additionally, the town enjoys one of the highest household incomes, with comparisons revealing that it is more affordable compared to Dublin.

Even though located on the outskirts of the capital city, it serves as a prime investment hub for various sectors such as ICT, Global Business Services, and Manufacturing. Additionally, more people are moving to the town due to its rich cultural and historical heritage (Midlands Ireland, 2019). It has reported a spike in the population by close to 4%, which is more than the national average (Midlands Ireland, 2019).


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