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Tips to Consider Before Buying a Home

Updated: May 26

Tips to Consider Before Buying a Home
Happy young couple moving into a new home

Buying your first home can be a hugely exciting time, but it does not come without its stresses, too. From finding the right home to organising a budget and solicitors’ fees, purchasing a home can be a lengthy and time-consuming task.

As highly experienced and esteemed Portlaoise estate agents, Property Properly helps new homeowners across the country prepare to buy their first homes with ease. Here are some of our tips when it comes to Portlaoise residential sales, and how to go about choosing the perfect house for you and your family.

Location is Everything

This may seem obvious, but considering location is something that many first-time buyers can gloss over when looking for the perfect home for their family. Before placing a bid on a residential sale, it’s important to thoroughly understand the area that the house is located in and ensure that the amenities available (or not available) suit your requirements as a couple or family. Before attempting to purchase a residential property, try to speak to neighbours or locals to get a feel for the area that the property is located in. This can help you decide whether the area is safe and whether it is a good fit for you and your loved ones. As well as this, research nearby shops, schools, roads, and more to ensure that the amenities you require are nearby and accessible. Making sure the location suits your needs only takes a few days to complete but could benefit you for a lifetime.

Be Honest About Budget

Let’s be forward here- your first home is one of the biggest purchases you will ever make in your lifetime, which is why it’s important to understand exactly where your money is going. While many first-time buyers only consider the asking price of the home they want to buy, it’s important to understand that purchasing a home comes with many fees you may not be aware of. Property Properly’s, and all other estate agents’, Portlaoise residential sales come with a number of costs including solicitor fees, pre-purchase inspection fees, mortgage interest fees, and more. When considering your budget, be sure to include these fees to remain honest and transparent about what you can and can’t afford.

Pay Attention to Utilities

One of our main tips to first-time buyers is to pay close attention to the utilities installed in a home when purchasing a residential property. Utilities refer to energy systems in the home such as heating, water, and electricity, and ensuring these are up to scratch is a must to save you time, money, and stress in the long run. When viewing a house, make sure to ask questions about how long the utilities have been installed, and what kind of set-up is present in the house. Be aware that older, outdated electrical and water systems, for example, may need to be completely replaced to ensure legal compliance and safety before you move in. This is an important thing to consider as it will add significant costs to the project and could delay your move-in date.

While there are a number of questions to ask when purchasing a Portlaoise residential sale, these three are some of Property Properly’s top tips to ensure that your first-time buyers’ journey runs smoothly and efficiently, allowing you to make your house a home in as stress-free a manner as possible.


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