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Our Property Management Services Include:

Our Property Management Services Include:

Property Valuation
Cleaning Services
Refurbishment Services
Sourcing Tenants
Rent Collection
Property Repairs And Maintenance
Response To Tenant Queries And Complaints
All Paperwork Taken Care Of
Tips On Maximising Rental Value
Fit-Out Services
Expert Advice On Preparing Your Property For Rent

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Property Properly Property Management

When it comes to property management, the team at Property Properly are experts, providing you with knowledgeable, comprehensive property management services to take the stress out of letting your property. When we say that we look after all aspects of property management, we mean it, looking after everything from getting you tenants to refurbishing, cleaning, and valuing your property.


As part of The Properly Group, we guarantee that your property will be well managed by us, ensuring that you receive the maximum possible value in terms of rent and maintenance. As well as our management services, we ensure to take care of all legalities and paperwork regarding tenancy, and even provide advisory services to inform you how to get your property ready for the rental market to maximise your rental income.

Residential Property Management

Property Properly offers full residential property management for rented properties around Portlaoise and the larger Laois area. We can handle all areas of rental property management including rent, maintenance, tenant communications, and more.

Commercial Property Management

Our Portlaoise Estate Agents are highly experienced when it comes to commercial property management, looking after all areas of management and property maintenance for you. Whether you have an office to rent in Laois or need help managing a larger industrial property, we’d be happy to help.

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Property Management FAQ

What does a property management company do?

Property management companies, like Property Properly, provide comprehensive management services for rental properties. These services include preparation and advice before rental, tenant sourcing, rent collection, repairs and servicing, and more.

Should I get a property manager for my rental property?

If you own a property that you let out to tenants, having a property management company manage it for you can be beneficial. Property management services, like the ones offered by Property Properly, can take care of all aspects of property management and letting for you, allowing you to still collect your rent from the property without any of the stress.



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